Our Process


After our introductory call, we meet you on-site or in our studio to discuss your project, goals, lifestyle, and style preferences. We will also discuss the project’s scope, timeline, projected investment, and our role in making this process effortless. This meeting will be followed by a proposal to retain our services.


We assemble the trades involved (architect, builder, contractors, etc.) to discuss your home and then return to our studio to begin the intense yet wildly creative conceptual design process, including your floor plan, special features (like built-in), detailed elevations, materials and furnishing selections, and more.


We will present our conceptual design to you in our studio for approval, along with samples of our selections (for tile, flooring, cabinetry, fabrics, and more) that you can see and touch to feel their quality. We also present quotes, invite your feedback, and iterate on the design until it’s approved.


Now, the work begins. This phase is the longest, consisting of order placement, receiving and inspecting deliveries, budget monitoring, ongoing construction management (to ensure the design is implemented as planned), and serving as liaison between you and your team. But when the dust settles, you won’t believe your eyes…


The final step is to install your new furnishings, add in a luxurious layer of accessories and decor, and style it all to the nines. Then, we invite you to come home for the final reveal — pop the champagne! We will also create a punch list of any deficiencies to resolve (and resolve them shortly), photograph the space, and say our tearful goodbyes…for now.